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For Online Astrology Consultation & Online Astrology Course,
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"Jothisha Kalanithi" "Jothisha Aacharya"
Secretary, All India Stellar Astrologers Association
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1. How to approach for an Appoinment for Online Astrology Consultation?
---> For faster response, please WhatsApp using above link.

2. What is the mode of Consultation?
---> Voice Call

3. What are the details to be provided for Online Horoscope Predictions?
---> Date of Birth, Time of Birth & Place of Birth along with Name.

4. Is it possible to get Online Horoscope Predictions without Birth Time?
---> Sorry, we can't cast Horoscope (Natal Chart) without Birth Time.

5. Is there any way to get Astrology Consultation without Birth Time?
---> YES. Using Horary in Astrology, you can get solutions for your queries.

6. What is Horary?
---> Horary is a branch of Astrology in which predictions are given to the queries using a chart that casted for the time a query is asked by the client.

7. What are the details required for Online Marriage Matching Predictions?
---> Date of Birth, Time of Birth & Place of Birth for both Groom and Bride along with Name.

8. Can i get Astrology Consultation thru Hindi?
---> Arun Subramanian is basically a Tamil Astrologer, but he is also providing astrology services in English & Hindi.

9. What is the Typical working hours?
---> KP Astrologer Arun Subramanian normally works (gives Horoscope Consultation) from 07:00hrs to 22:00hrs IST.

10. Can I get Astrology Consultation outside of Typical working hours?
---> Definitely! But, You need to apply for appoinment 24 hrs prior to the consultation.

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