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What is KP Astrology?
Since I'm following KP Astrology (a new scientific method) I want to give a short note on this KP Astrology.

In order to know a person's fate thru Astrology, first his/her horoscope must be casted accurately.

Horoscope is an Astrological chart, that represents relative positions of 9 planets and ascendant at the time of a person's birth.

In Vedic Astrology (Traditional Astrology), A Horoscope is mainly comprises of two things namely..
1. Zodiac Chart (Raasi Chart)
2. Navamsa Chart (Divisional-9)

In Vedic Astrology, position of 9 planets and Ascendant are displayed usually with these two charts only. But the thing is that, according to the movement of Planets and Ascendant, the planetary positions in the above two charts will remain same for atleast 13 minutes.

For an example,
Let us assume, A baby is born on a particular day by 10:00AM at a particular place. Zodiac Chart & Navamsa Chart of this baby's horoscope will remain same till 10:12AM. By 10:13AM only, we can see a small difference in Ascendant position and that too in Navamsa chart.

Which means, In Vedic Astrology method when date of birth & place of birth is unchanged, horoscope will remains same, even the birth time changes by 12 minutes.

In brief, If we cast horoscopes through Vedic Astrology method, then Horoscopes will be the same (same zodiac chart and navamsa chart) for who are all born in 13 minutes span.

But, Twins usually born in 3 or 4 minutes span rite. So as per Vedic Astrology, Horoscope (zodiac and navamsa chart) will be same for both babies. Since both of them have same horoscope, Will they have same kind of life style? A big NO!!

Few can say, twins usually born rarely. Yeah, somewhat I agree with it. But, In our country Birth rate is keep on increasing day by day. And due to this, many babies are usually born in 13 minutes span, that too in same city for different mothers.

So, there was a time, when Astrology needed an improvement in horoscope casting techniques.

K. S. Krishnamurthy Sir, who lived in last century has taken this as a challenge and carried out some deep research. At the end, Krishnamurthy Sir has divided each star into 9 sub divisions, where it was only 4 divisions previously.

Here, one thing I want to mention it very clearly! Krishnamurthy Sir has divided each Star into those 9 subdivisions with reference to some astrology principles which was written by our Ancestors (Rishis).

With these new Subdivisions, further Krishnamurthy Sir implemented some new rules and thereby introduced a theory called Sublord Theory.

By introducing this Sublord theory, Krishnamurthy Sir has made horoscope calculations more accurate and taken Astrology to the next level.

If we cast horoscope using this Sublord theory, then we can see the difference in planetary positions even when there is slight change (30 secs) in birth time. Jus imagine how much accurate this KP Astrology method is!!

The Astrology method that follows Krishnamurthy Sir's sublord theory called as Krishnamurthy Paththathi. So, We simply call this KP Astrology.
(Note: Paththathi means Method or Way)

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