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Advantages of getting Horoscope Consultation from Astro Arun
---> Before predicting future, Astro Arun will check and fine-tune your birth time with the help of ruling planet positions and make sure your past events are matched with the horoscope. So, even if you have any confusion or error in your Birth Time, it can be rectified.

---> While giving horoscope predictions, Astro Arun will also provide you a list of Benefic planets and Malefic planets according to your horoscope. So that, you can get more clarity about your horoscope.
Benefic Planets - planets which will support you.
Malefic Planets - planets which will act against you.

---> Based on your horoscope, Astro Arun will give you a clear picture about your Strength and Weakness. With this, you can take smart decision even in tough situations.

---> Based on planetary positions in your horoscope, Astro Arun will let you know the best suitable fields for Higher Studies / Job / Business.

---> Astro Arun will provide you a summary regarding upcoming favourable and unfavorable periods (challenging times).

Input Required for Horoscope Predictions:
Date of Birth, Time of Birth & Place of Birth (DOB, TOB & POB) along with Client's name.

Consultation Mode:
---> Astrology Consultation on Phone Call.
---> Astrology Consultation on WhatsApp.

Foreign clients (Clients outside of India) are requested to prefer WhatsApp Call, in case if you are not able to reach Astro Arun thru normal dialer.

Languages Available:
This Online Astrology Consultation are available in three languages namely Tamil, English & Hindi.
You can select any one from these three.

Horoscope Copy:
After, Online Astrology Consultation you can get your Horoscope copy in pdf via WhatsApp or Email.


Input Required:
Date of Birth, Time of Birth & Place of Birth (DOB, TOB & POB) for both Groom & Bride.

After Horoscope analysis, Astro Arun will explain you about the compatibility level between them. Suppose, if the compatibility level is poor (horoscopes are not matched); then Astro Arun will clearly let you know the astrology reasons behind that.

Languages Available:
This Online Astrology Consultation are available in three languages namely Tamil, English & Hindi.

Matching Report:
After Consultation, You can get the Marriage Matching Report in PDF through WhatsApp.

Support from Astro Arun
If the alliance's horoscope is not matched; then Astro Arun will provide you a list of best suited Stars, & Ascendant according to your horoscope. So with this list, further you can easily filter the horoscopes while searching alliances.

What Astro Arun Suggests!

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