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Marriage Matching Predictions in KP Astrology

Marriage is a most important segment of a person’s life, if the person chooses to get married.

Why? On an average, married people spend almost more than 2/3rd of their life with their spouse and they procreate their next generation in this phase of life.

You do not get to choose your parents in this life, but you get to choose your life partner.

Therefore, don’t you want to choose your life partner wisely? In this case, one of the best Tamil astrologer, Arun Subramanian can help you and your family to find a perfect partner with his Online Horoscope Predictions via KP Astrology method.

There are 2 ways, one can choose their life partner.
1. On their own also known as love marriage in our culture.
2. Arranged by the family based on profile and horoscope match. Let’s exclude the love marriage subject out of this article as it needs to be dealt with a different lens.

Every parent’s intention is to find the best suitable match for their son/daughter as Marriage is a very sacred bond that brings two individuals together for a lifetime.

Though Parents have the best intention for their children, almost 90% of them make the very common of reaching out to an Astrologer for their marriage prospects only after the family decides to get them married.

Why is that a common mistake?
If you do believe in astrology (I am sure you do, otherwise you would not be reading this right now or would not be looking for horoscope match for a potential bride/groom) you would understand that everyone’s birth chart is unique as every individual is unique on this earth.

And as per their horoscope, certain dhasa bukthi is favourable to step into marriage and it is better to utilise this favourable period.

Therefore, the general notion that a man should get married after 27 years and woman before the age of 25 is not applicable for all individuals.

For example:
A guy may have a favourable dhasa period for marriage ending at the age of 27 and it would be better for this guy to get married before 27.

On the other hand, a girl may have a favourable dhasa period after 27 and in this case, looking for marriage prospects before 27 might not yield the expected outcome and it might lead to frustrations and disappointments which could be avoided.

Hence it is best, if Parents know about the marriage potential for their children around the age of 21 (possibly just at the end of his/her studies) from one of the best KP Astrologer, Arun Subramanian.

For the parents who start the potential bride/groom search, they would also want to understand the characters of the bride/groom and the online astrology consultation for the horoscope match reading from the Tamil astrologer will be of immense help.

I would like to highlight about few common misconceptions about the match of certain stars and raashi that should not be generalised.

Examples to be provided here..

The detailed reading of the birth charts of the two individuals for horoscope matching is very important before making the key decision rather than avoiding the prospects based on some generalisations.

Online astrology consultation/predictions via KP astrology method will be very helpful to understand the following elements such as.. 1. Compatibility with the partner
2. Health and well-being
3. Financial stability that are vital for a successful marriage and thus preventing divorce

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