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KP Astrology Job Predictions

If you have landed in this page, you might be in one or more of the possible situations listed below and looking for online horoscope predictions for job career.

First, consider yourself blessed that you are in the right place to seek the necessary guidance from one of the best Tamil Astrologer, Arun Subramanian who provides online astrology consultation via KP Astrology method in 3 languages (Tamil, English and Hindi).

1. You may be in a crossroad with respect to the job options and you want to choose the best one.

2. You may be unemployed temporarily and want to turn around your situation.

3. You are at a stage where you feel frustrated about your current job that your talents are not utilised properly.

4. You may feel that you are at the wrong place with the wrong group in your job without proper recognition and renumeration leading to frustration.

5. You may be finishing your college and trying to figure out the best career path to prosper in life.

6. You may want to quit your job and pursue the business that has been your passion for a long time to become a successful entrepreneur.

7. You are frustrated that your long term wish of an abroad opportunity is not working out as you expected.

8. And there could be many more reasons.

If you think about it, there are many ways to make money as there are infinite opportunities exist in this world.

But do you think you are ready to grab any opportunity, I guess not!! Because skill matching is key to pursue a job.

Even with the right skills, one may struggle because he/she would not have chosen the path that is meant to be as successful as expected. And if you want to change the course, online horoscope predictions from one of the best KP Astrologer can help you.

Some of us can have many skills and would want to know which skill will help to build a successful career.

For example,
A person might be an excellent artist, very creative in art field and also very good in sports (eg: cricket), and has an excellent analytical skills & a go getter attitude to be successful in business and with computer hardware/software skills.

What do you think this person should pursue to have a successful career?
Well, KP astrologer Arun Subramanian can help such a person to understand what line of profession is best suited to make more money and what can remain as a hobby.

Some might be able to juggle between the jobs that they do out of passion and jobs that helps them make more money. One may be interested only to do 9 to 5 job, one may want to work in their own terms and they would prefer to do business and be their own boss.

Some are skilled to do white collar jobs and some have excellent skills to become a successful entrepreneur. With the right horoscope predictions for job career from KP Astrologer Arun Subramanian you can find out what works for you.

Sharing some insights here for your understanding. Positions of the planets in the Natal chart and the Dasha Bhukthi and Planetary Transit have an impact on one’s career life as well.

Your career may flourish in certain period and face adverse situations some time.

Alignment of some planets aid in the career progress in the right direction and some Dasha Bhukthi period might bring some challenges temporarily.

KP Astrologer Arun Subramanian can help you with the right assessment of your chart and help you gain a good understanding of which planets are in your favour for the job and which line of profession is best suited to gain wealth and succeed in job career.

For Example, here is a quick snapshot of the link between the planets and the job departments. Guru also means teacher and it is a no brainer that someone who has a strong/exalted Guru (Lord Jupiter) will be successful in teaching profession (Faculty).

Job Predictions in KP Astrology , KP Astrology Career Predictions
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Few more example for a different scenario..

There are many engineers of various departments (who exceled in their subjects and regarded as brilliant during college) work in the Software industry in the current world, but only less than 15% of them make it to the top positions. Have you ever wondered why? The planet mercury might not be strong in their horoscope.

Similarly, a person with exalted Saturn (Sani) may excel in jobs related to Mechanical engineering and the one with debilitated Saturn (Sani) will be struggling to make it big.

Job Predictions in KP Astrology , KP Astrology Career Predictions

The examples provided here are at a very high level. To understand your horoscope predictions for career, you can get in touch with Tamil Astrologer Arun Subramanian for Online Astrology Predictions.

While you are still the captain of your ship, a right astrologer can act as a good compass to navigate you in the right direction in your professional journey.

You have reached the right place for Online Astrology Consultation and KP Astrologer Arun Subramanian is happy to be your navigator in your professional journey.

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