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Learn KP Astrology Online

Classes will be taken thru Tamil.
If you want to learn KP Astrology in English, then you need to go for One-on-One Zoom Class.

Just you need to have Interest and Involvement in learning Astrology.

You need not to have any basic knowledge in Astrology. Because in this mode, you can learn rite from basics.

Lessons / Way of Teaching:
Lessons will be in the form of Images and Audios. Images will be act as Reference and Explanations come thru Audio (MP3) format.

Just by viewing the images, You will easily understand the theory, since the images are designed as Self-explanatory / mind map. A Sample image is displayed below for your reference please.

KP Astrology Classes in Tamil, Online KP Astrology Classes

As already mentioned, Explanations will be in the form of mp3 Audio format. Length of each Audio varies (from 2 mins to 19 mins) according to the topics.

Course fees:
Rs. 6,000 (Total).

Course Duration:
Approximately: 75 hours

If you add the length of all Audios, then it will be around 75 hours.

Here, the lessons (Images & Audios) are pre-recorded. So, you can learn this KP Astrology course at your convenient time and also at your own pace. And most importantly, you can join this course anytime.

After registration, lessons will be sent thru Telegram App in one-shot. You can access it easily.

Suppose if you can spend around 1.5 hours per day, you can complete this Astrology course within two months.

Course Syllabus:
This KP Astrology course is comprised with Four Modules.

KP Astrology Basics

KP Astrology Rules and its Applications

KP Astrology - Horoscope Analysis

Advanced level topics..
{Marriage Matching, Horary, Planetary Transit, Auspicious Time Fixing}

ஒவ்வொரு பகுதியிலும் இடம்பெறும் பாடத் தலைப்புகள் பற்றி மிக விரிவாக இங்கே கீழே கடைசியாக கொடுக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது..

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